Time to get healthy!

It’s been a busy day at CB! Candace and Betsy from the Hutchinson Health Clinic are at the Bank doing onsite health screenings for our employees. The screening includes height/weight/BMI, blood pressure, pulse, blood glucose and cholesterol testing, as well as a health risk assessment which measures current health behaviors.  After the screening, Betsy (RN) reviews the results and further assists the participants to develop health goals. The primary interest for Hutchinson Health Clinic to provide these services is to encourage people to know their current health score and develop health-related goals and to assess the overall wellness of our community. We’re hoping when they come back in a year that the Bank is a healthier place!

If you are interested in onsite health screenings for your workplace, feel free to contact Candace by email at choversten@hutchhealth.com and check out their website for more information www.heartofhutch.com.