ATM & Check Cards

ATM Card

ATM cards are a convenient way to withdraw cash from your account. You can withdraw funds at ATM machines anytime of the day or night. Citizens Bank has the following ATM machine locations in Hutchinson: Citizens Downtown Auto Bank and Citizens South Auto Bank.  Citizens Bank has joined the Shazam “Privileged Status” network, giving you access to another 120+ ATMs in Minnesota. (Visit and look for ATM Locator) Hutchinson and Privilege Status locations are free of charge for CB customers. When traveling, you can access your account at Shazam or Plus Network machines (fees and surcharges will apply).

CB Check Card

cbdebitcardYour CB Check Card works like a check – only it’s easier, faster and more convenient than writing a check. It helps you get cash at ATMs, and you can use it at any merchant that accepts VISA debit cards. Your CB Check Card looks like a credit card but works like your check because the purchase amount is automatically deducted from your checking account.

Key Benefits:

  • Your purchases will be easier, faster and more convenient
  • You’ll save money because you’ll have fewer checks to order
  • No need to write checks or even carry a bulky checkbook
  • You’ll receive a detailed list of every transaction on your monthly checking account statement

Contact us to find out more about how ATM Cards and Check Cards can make your purchases more convenient.

To report a lost or stolen Cash Card, or Cash & Check Card after hours, weekends, or holidays, please call SHAZAM at: 1-800-383-8000.