Heading south for the winter?

Citizens Bank & Trust can travel with you where ever you go.

Access to your accounts is easier than ever with these convenient services:

  • Free Debit Cards
  • Free Online Banking
  • Free Telephone Banking
  • Toll-free Bank Telephone Number
  • Direct Deposit
  • Automatic Withdrawals

You can access your checking account worldwide by using Citizens Bank & Trust’s photo debit card. They can be used instead of checks at any merchant who accepts Visa debit cards. Cash back options are available at many national stores as well.

Keeping track of your account balance and transaction history is easy with CB Online or CB On Call. Information on these systems is updated daily, no need to wait for statements to be forwarded. You stay up to date and enrolling is easy.

Adding direct deposit for your government checks eliminates the worry that checks are lost or stolen. Automatic withdrawals can be established for many of your recurring bills by completing an authorization form with those companies. No more writing and mailing checks for payment!

Call us any time using CB On Call at 888-234-2910. During normal business hours, your calls will be answered by our friendly customer service staff. After hours calls will automatically forward to CB On Call, giving you 24 hour a day access to your accounts.