More CB in the Classroom

studentsCB Lender, Mandy Baldry, has been helping with the Junior Achievement program in Mrs. Auer’s 3rd grade classroom.  It’s a great opportunity to share a little bit about our city, banking, restaurants, newspapers, and construction with these children.  CB has partnered with Park Elementary for the last three years.   photoCheck out these smiles!




Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement is a long-standing program in which community members visit elementary and middle school classrooms to teach students a short curriculum related to the community.  The 3rd grade lesson is based on “Our City”.  Jessi Wendland has been teaching in 3rd grade classrooms for three years now and recently completed five class sessions in Mrs. Mallak’s class at Park Elementary.  The students said this is the favorite part of their school day!  The studies included banking, newspapers, restaurants, city zoning, construction, and many new vocabulary words. Here are some pictures of the students in this class: