Hutchinson Sign Project

What an inviting way to greet guests to our community with refurbished signs on the corners of Hutchinson!  Recently, the Hutchinson Ambassadors initiated a project to renovate the existing Hutchinson signs.  The project included sandblasting, repairing the electrical wiring, replacing lights, and painting the signs to a new, bright blue.  Thank you to those organizations who have been involved in the restoration project thus far: Hutchinson Rotary Club, American Legion, Temple Lodge, Odd Fellows, 3M, Burich Foundation, Hutchinson Foundation, Hutchinson Utilities Commission, City of Hutchinson, and Hutchinson Ambassadors.  Signs are located on Hwy 7 West, Hwy 7 East, Old Hwy 22 S, and a new one to be placed on Hwy 15 N.  There is still some work to do on the signs and your involvement is greatly appreciated!