Social Media Breakfast – How to get better results using Facebook tools

Today at the Social Media Breakfast, CB&T employees Jessi Wendland and Mandy Baldry were part of the discussion panel on how to get better results using Facebook tools.  Beth Gasser (Vivid Image), Jen Epper (Buffalo Wild Wings – Mankato and Hutchinson) and Kurt Thompson (Southwest Initiative Foundation) were also part of the discussion board. Some of the topics discussed were what tools you use to better manage your facebook page, the goals of your fan page, how to use paid ad options and what is your favorite feature on Facebook. It was great to get new ideas from other businesses on how they have made their fan page a success.  The next Social Media Breakfast is December 27, 2012 which will explore the tools and techniques used to plan your social media marketing in 2013. “Like” us on Facebook and to find out what all the Buzz is about!


 Mandy Baldry (CB&T), Chris Brecht (Citizens Insurance Agency), Jane Powell (Citizens Insurance Agency and owner of Prairie Haven), and Jessi Wendland (CB&T)