CB Check Card – Tips to Remember

  • TRAVELING? Please contact us with your travel dates and the locations you will be traveling to prior to leaving. This way, we can put an alert on your debit card.
  • USE YOUR PIN Whenever/wherever possible
  • CURRENT PHONE NUMBER If you get a new phone number, make sure to contact us and let us know in case we need to contact you regarding issues with your card.
  • USE SHAZAM BOLT$ It’s the mobile app that lets you track your accounts and transactions.

cb check card

Tired Of Feeling Overwhelmed By Your Debt?

Tired of feeling overwhelmed by debtTired of feeling overwhelmed by your debt? Create a plan of attack for paying it off. Here are a few tips to help reduce your debt and manage paying it back.

Make a list of all of your debts. Include the balance owed and the interest rate for each account you have. This way you will be able to view the full picture and it will help you come up with a plan for repayment and which one works best for you. Here are two common strategies:

Debt Snowball Method: List all of your debts smallest to largest by amount owed. Pay minimum payments on all debts except for the smallest one. Increase your payment amount on the smaller account until it’s paid off. Once it’s paid off, take the money you were paying towards that debt, and put it towards the next debt on the list. This method will give you the quickest satisfaction and boost to keep it up.

Debt Avalanche Method: List all of your debts in order from the highest interest rate to the lowest interest rate. Pay minimum payments on all debts, except for the debt with the highest interest rate. Increase your payment on this debt until it’s paid off. Once it’s paid off, take the money you were paying towards that debt, and put it towards the next debt on the list. This method will save you from paying more money on interest long term.

Make sure you continue to pay your minimum monthly payments on each debt before putting extra funds towards the debt you are aiming to pay off to avoid late payments and service charges.

An alternative you may wish to consider if you have several smaller debts with high interest is a loan to consolidate your debt. This option may help manage your debt and make repayments easier. Contact a Citizens Bank Personal Banker  today to discuss this option further.

Telephone Issues

We are currently experiencing issues with incoming calls. You may be getting a message saying “all circuits busy”. Phone calls coming from Mediacom users and cell phones should be working. Nu-Telecom is working on the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing our customers.

Mayor Forcier Declares Random Acts of Kindness Day

May 1st has been declared by Mayor Forcier as Random Acts of Kindness day for Hutchinson! As part of the Hutchinson Leadership Institute, one of the small groups in which CB&T employee, Deb Froemming, is a part of, worked to achieve this annual day. Following are parts of the Proclamation:

Whereas, the Random Acts of Kindness group, as part of the Hutchinson Leadership Institute, has set out to spread goodwill throughout the city of Hutchinson.

Whereas, it has been noted the Random Acts of Kindness promote a healthy life, by improving overall disposition for both the giver and receiver.

Whereas, the Random Acts of Kindness group believe that people of all ages, young to old, can help to make a better world by doing something nice for someone else.

Whereas, the goal for this proclaimed date is to encourage a Pay It Forward exponential response. For each Random Act of Kindness received, the hope is that the recipient will in turn do several random acts, as so on.

You may have seen the Random Acts of Kindness group’s first project, the “Scarf Project”, in February, when they tied scarves around trees in Library Square. They attached a note saying “I am not lost! If you’re stuck out in the cold take this scarf to keep warm!” Their goal was to let someone know that they are thought of and to hopefully provide some warmth to someone in need. We look forward to seeing the group’s next project and hope that it catches on in Hutchinson and more groups or individuals do Random Acts of Kindness. Not just on May 1st, but every day.

Random Acts of Kindness Hutchinson Leadership Group Random Acts of Kindness group: Shari Graf, Tracy Nielsen, Deb Froemming, Laurie Gelschus, and Jill Borg

CB Employees Attend Shazam’s 2015 Forum

The Shazam Network is Citizens Bank’s processor for ATM/Debit Cards and the provider of merchant services. Linnea and Lori, CB employees, attended this year’s Forum in Des Moines, IA. Shazam’s 2015 Forum provided attendees with the latest industry information and trends, including the move to EMV (Chip) Card techonology, fraud trends and cardholder services such as Shazam Bolt$ (a fraud transaction alerting, balance monitoring, ATM locator application).

Shazam Forum

Community Banking Month

Community banks are pivotal to the overall health and financial success of rural America as they provide an overwhelming share of credit to local farmers. Celebrate Community Banking Month by switching to a community bank today! #BankLocallyCommunity Banking Month