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Congratulations Erika Smith!

Erika Smith, proudly sponsored by Citizens Bank, was crowned Miss Hutchinson 2015 during the 73rd Annual Water Carnival celebration. She also received the talent award for her vocal rendition of “Try” by Colbie Caillat. Congratulations and thank you to Erika. Best wishes during the coming year representing our city as Miss Hutchinson 2015.

Erika Smith

Pictured with Miss Hutchinson Erika Smith are Audrey, Jacob & Samuel , children of CB &T Sr. Vice President , Anthony Hanson.



Thomas “Buzz” Burich Receives the Pioneer Bankers Award

Thomas “Buzz” Burich received the “Pioneer Bankers Award”  from the Minnesota Bankers Association at the MBA annual meeting.  Buzz is pictured with Steve Daggett, the outgoing Board Chair of the MBA.  The award recognizes 50 years of service in the banking industry.  Congratulations Buzz!

Buzz Burich Pioneer Bankers Award



Congratulations Class of 2015!

All of us at Citizens Bank want to say congratulations and wish you a future of great successes!

Here’s the great news! You can still bank with us from anywhere after you graduate. With CB Online Banking, Mobile Banking with Mobile Deposit, Bill Pay and a free debit card, you can keep your account active with us.

Plus, there is great value knowing you always have the personal support of your hometown bank with people who know you and can assist you with your future financial needs.

Everyone attending the Hutchinson Senior Class Party will receive a small gift from Citizens Bank, along with a coupon for a $10 gift when opening a new checking account. For those graduates who already have an account with Citizens Bank, we will automatically deposit $10 into your existing checking account because we appreciate your business.

Again, congratulations on your graduation, and we will be honored to be a partner in helping you build your success in the future! We look forward to having you as a lifelong customer.

Kids Savings Accounts

Opening a savings account at Citizens Bank & Trust is a great place to deposit birthday, babysitting, or paper route money. That first savings account can start great saving habits for life!

To open a savings account for your child, stop by either Citizens Bank location. Remember to bring your child’s social security number along. A parent or guardian also needs to be on the account. The parent/guardian will need to bring their photo ID and social security number.

Little Tiger Savings is designed for children 12 and under and can be opened with any deposit amount. The account does need $25 to earn interest. The Minor Savings account is for kids under 18 and require $25 to open the account (with no services charges).

New Little Tigers Saving Club members get a free opening gift. Stop in today to get an account opened so your little saver can get started early and receive a free gift!

CB Piggy Bank

Little Tigers Savings Club Piggy Bank


Protecting You From Fraud

Protecting you from unauthorized use of your debit card is one of our top priorities at Citizens Bank & Trust Co. We have partnered with SHAZAM, our ATM/Debit Card network provider, to implement a fraud monitoring system.

If suspicious activity is detected on your debit card, you will be contacted by Citizens Bank or a SHAZAM fraud specialist calling on our behalf, to verify transactions in question. If you are not available to verify the transaction activity, the transaction may be declined, and you will receive a message to call Shazam Fraud Operations.


SHAZAM: 800-383-8000 – To report a lost or stolen card 24/7

SHAZAM FRAUD: 866-508-2693





CB Check Card – Tips to Remember

  • TRAVELING? Please contact us with your travel dates and the locations you will be traveling to prior to leaving. This way, we can put an alert on your debit card.
  • USE YOUR PIN Whenever/wherever possible
  • CURRENT PHONE NUMBER If you get a new phone number, make sure to contact us and let us know in case we need to contact you regarding issues with your card.
  • USE SHAZAM BOLT$ It’s the mobile app that lets you track your accounts and transactions.

cb check card

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Tired Of Feeling Overwhelmed By Your Debt?

Tired of feeling overwhelmed by debtTired of feeling overwhelmed by your debt? Create a plan of attack for paying it off. Here are a few tips to help reduce your debt and manage paying it back.

Make a list of all of your debts. Include the balance owed and the interest rate for each account you have. This way you will be able to view the full picture and it will help you come up with a plan for repayment and which one works best for you. Here are two common strategies:

Debt Snowball Method: List all of your debts smallest to largest by amount owed. Pay minimum payments on all debts except for the smallest one. Increase your payment amount on the smaller account until it’s paid off. Once it’s paid off, take the money you were paying towards that debt, and put it towards the next debt on the list. This method will give you the quickest satisfaction and boost to keep it up.

Debt Avalanche Method: List all of your debts in order from the highest interest rate to the lowest interest rate. Pay minimum payments on all debts, except for the debt with the highest interest rate. Increase your payment on this debt until it’s paid off. Once it’s paid off, take the money you were paying towards that debt, and put it towards the next debt on the list. This method will save you from paying more money on interest long term.

Make sure you continue to pay your minimum monthly payments on each debt before putting extra funds towards the debt you are aiming to pay off to avoid late payments and service charges.

An alternative you may wish to consider if you have several smaller debts with high interest is a loan to consolidate your debt. This option may help manage your debt and make repayments easier. Contact a Citizens Bank Personal Banker  today to discuss this option further.

Telephone Issues

We are currently experiencing issues with incoming calls. You may be getting a message saying “all circuits busy”. Phone calls coming from Mediacom users and cell phones should be working. Nu-Telecom is working on the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing our customers.